Ælfred’s Lions is an ongoing project of Old English students at Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia.  Nalani Jones, Alex Genetti, and Peyton Winstead were the pioneers of the project in the spring of 2013, imagining what grammatical resources would best accompany a new student of medieval English.  Jones and Genetti continued in the fall of 2013, rebuilding the site after a malware attack (perpetrated by the Danes, no doubt) and getting the site ready for the grammar-resource tools, the first wave of digital anthology texts, and other expansions.

Among the students whose individual projects feature on this site are as follows, by semester:

Fall 2013

Paul Almond

John-David Basson

Johnathan Floyd

Alex Genetti

Nalani Jones

Kristina Keeble

Miles McBath

Jesse McDowell

Chanlin McGuire

Fall 2015

Kora Addington

Kayla Crump