Hold it, stop, and just listen to me,

‘Cause I’m saying something that needs to be,

Because while everyone knows that we’re living free,

They seem to forget that we’re also living lonely.

We as People have always needed the company,

But now there seems to be something no one wants to see,

In which living free comes with a fee.

Just today, it was said that I wanted to be alone,

That I walk right on past all the people who’ve gone,

But while they’re going off on their own way,

They seem to have forgotten that wave that I gave,

Because while I’m the one labeled Moody or Salty,

They often forget to look past it to me,

But while they’re tasting the salt,

They can’t seem to taste all the sugar that’s hidden beneath.

I’m not seen for all the good, just the bad,

Though I had and still am working to change me.

But you see, I’m not the only Person who’s living lonely.

Kids, adults, our elders too, it’s true, they’re left behind.

So it’s not just you and me who end up feeling blue.

It’s them, and us, and those who don’t even have a clue.

People may like us, call us their friends,

Tell us we’ll be together till the end.

But those people don’t realize something.

The term friend isn’t used just to add bling,

To relationships, bonds, or even feelings.

It’s not used like a term describing a thing.

Now I don’t know about you but a real friend isn’t just a friend.

It’s our names, our bonds, our memories, our hopes, our kin…

These friends that I believe in are people I trust,

And to know a true friend then trust is a must.

But that’s something that we just can’t seem to find,

So to protect ourselves we just stay confined,

Closed in with the thoughts locked up in our mind,

Remembering things said during all that lost time.

It’s true that we live alone but we’re tryin’,

Searching to find another of our kind,

But we’re blind to the thoughts of you.

We don’t have a clue what to do,

Because for us this is all new.

Yet you mock us, scold us, tell us we’re through,

And there’s some who don’t know that this isn’t true,

And since they’ve previously tried they accept your lie,

Thinking the only thing left that they could obtain,

Is a long lonely life without a friend to their name.

But our story doesn’t have to end up that way.

You have the power to brighten their day through what you say.

Actually, scratch that, you don’t even have to say a word,

‘Cause a simple smile holds more words than could ever be heard.

Just a friendly hand, a hug, plant a new friendships seed,

In which the flower that blooms will fill our every need.

So when given the chance to befriend someone like me,

Help that tiny seed grow till it’s big as a tree,

And pay off that debt of the fee to be free.

Then finally at last when we’re all living in harmony,

Finally, hopefully, we, me, him, her, he, she,

Them, and they will finally see that we, though People,

Don’t have to be living lonely.