Daniela Ramirez: Death is real

Death is real, I promise

You don’t usually see it coming

And eventually you’ll have to stop pretending

that they’re just in the back room resting

Because when it happens to someone you love

You’ll feel their absence swifter than you felt

their presence

Death is real. I swear

Next thing you know you’ll have to find

something black to wear

And you just start wanting the same comfort

that you find in a stuffed bear

Death is real

It’s one of the few things that life absolutely


And the sadness that takes place is so much

like a disease

But you no longer have their chicken vegetable

soup to get better

So you start wearing one of their favorite sweaters

Death is real

So don’t take life for granted

Do everything you have ever wanted

And never miss a chance for an I love you

Because you won’t have a clue

when you will feel these blues

Because death is real