Jordan Forehand: I am a woman

There are alot of things in this world

That I don’t understand

Most of all why my life

Is ruled by a man

I work hard so they hire me

I love them so they don’t fire me

I bite my lips to every pervy comment they say

I sleep with them hoping to make them stay

I want to feel protected

I want to feel safe

But every boy that I’ve slept with

Ends up calling me a mistake

How funny-

my dad calls me the very same thing!

But I’ve learned rather quickly

I’ll never be safe

My body can’t save me-

And I need to be saved

But no man is going to fight for my life

Not my dad, not a lover, there is no shining knight

It’s time for me to slay my own dragons

It’s time to be brave

And then see what happens

Bc I am my own queen

I want to be alive

I deserve to be seen

So I’ll fight the good fight

Every morning when I wake

The hardest battle is living

And loving myself each day

But I’ll do it for Marilyn, for Taylor, for Lynn

For Ashley, for Susanna, for every single woman

But most of all I will do it for me

Bc I am no man’s daughter

But a daughter of the King.