Joshua Nunns: House

The house once stood solid, 

Great and elegant in all its glory,  

The magnificent white house,  

 Seen from miles away,  

The house was a royal view. 

The house, as time went on, grew old, 

Began to crack and creak at the seams,  

Roofs falling in and windows sagging, 

Now faded white paint flaking, 

The house was withering. 

The house began to become lost in time, 

Swallowed by the hallowing wilderness, 

Engulfed in ivy and vines, 

Trees protruding through the rooftops, 

The house had nearly vanished. 

At last giving into the wrath of time, 

The house collapsed and was no more, 

Remaining framework and walls of the house crashed down, 

All that was left was a plume of dust, 

The house vanquished with time.