Mia Cotton: The best part of the journey

The drive wasn’t the best part

We got our water bottles and running shoes

And started hiking Mt. Yonah

I was breathing hard but so were you

Dragging our feet through the crunchy leaves

Slipping on icy rocks in the cold

Holding freezing hands not to fall

The journey wasn’t the best part

Being at the top seeing the majestic near-by mountains

The cars as small as ants

Wind howling at the top

And getting close to stay warm

The view too good to leave

Laughing the day away with jokes

The view wasn’t the best part

Deciding to hike back down to spend the day together

We ran all the way down

Laughing the whole way to the cars

Cranking up the heat when we got there

Getting to know each other deeply

Connecting over music and memories

You were the best part

The memories of the journey lingering in my mind

But the best things never last