Moriah Logue: Rock

9 months,

39 weeks,

273 days,

You came without a sound,

You should have screamed or cried

Anything that would have given hope

but you could not

you were not meant for this world,

a world too big for a body so small

and now your shallow breaths haunt me when I sleep

I wanted to breathe for you

To place your body back within my own

I would give you my life

But I can not

So instead I sit in silence

Tears burn my face when I am reminded of what I lost

People say it gets better that I will move on

That the lifelessness I feel is not forever

I want to believe them

But what I want more is to hold you close one last time

To rock your small body until my pain is gone

I wanted to be a mother, but now I am a mother without a child

So, I will sit and rock

Rock my pain away without you

Rock until my heart heals

Rock because when I rock

I pray Jesus is rocking you too