Passion Hollins: Freedom

I thought knew exactly what freedom was in 5th grade .

Even though I didn’t really know what freedom looked like I was taught that

Freedom was just like geometry nothing more than a shape of a triangle ,

freedom was a trade of goods and people,

freedom was taken and arrived on a boat.

When I looked back on the thing’s freedom did, I found out that

Freedom liked to march, liked to stand, freedom liked to dance ,gyrating after every round unarmed with raised hands.

Freedom rode at the back of a bus, was chained locked up like every right that freedom was told had access to but could never touch

I found out freedom had a dream , one that could soar but only as far as Jim’s crow could fly

When Freedom and I came face to face

Freedom asked me in a breath strong as a rope with words that hung in the air like a dark silhouette swings above a crowd of white coated characters , if was in the right neighborhood,

freedom asked why I talked white,

freedom clenched its bag and locked its doors when I walked past,

freedom pulled out its gun when I went to grab my license,


When I finally saw freedom, it wasn’t what I expected

freedom bled red, was never white and was always bruised blue

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of America one nation under god for freedom and justice for who