Thembokwakhe Makhanya: Getting old

The older we get the more we fear for our lives,

Feeling that we getting closer to our death.

The feeling of being fatigued and fragile from our journey of life.

We all have these hallucinations, nightmares and dreams.

The future nor tomorrow is promised.

It is hard to predict what comes next, like a rollercoaster ride.

Having your ups and downs, and unexpected days.

The present time has one advantage over every other, it is our own.

From those who have gone before us, and those that stay after us.

I don’t mean to hit a nerve, but this is how we get old and mature.

Getting old is not a depressing commodity.

It is a sign of growth and development,

Looking back and reminiscing on the path we’ve paved.

Able to analyze obstacles and impeccable.

Rub shoulders amongst one another,

As considerate human beings, we need to look out for one another.

To seek wisdom, knowledge and guidance in our journey.

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.

Pave the path for them to remember the history and heritage.

Getting old is being responsible.

Taking the ownership in your accountability.

Getting old is about getting wiser.