Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Nathan P. Gilmour

Professor of English, Emmanuel College


Doctor of Philosophy, English, University of Georgia (Athens, GA, 2005-2012)

Dissertation: Ethical Succession: Theological Movement in English Renaissance Literature

Director Fran Teague

Defended February 2012

Certificate for Teaching Portfolio

Master of Arts, English, University of Georgia (Athens, GA, 2002-04)

Thesis: Theological Dramatics: Two Case Studies

Master of Arts in Religion, Emmanuel School of Religion (Johnson City, TN, 1999-2002)

Concentration: Old Testament

Thesis: Visionary Imagination

Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, Milligan College (Milligan College, TN, 1995-99)

English and Humanities majors, Bible minor


Teaching Positions

Emmanuel College                Franklin Springs, GA


Professor of English and Director of Composition Culture

University of Georgia            Athens, GA

2003-04 and 2005-2009

Teacher of Record, Teaching Assistant rank, English Department

Emmanuel College                Franklin Springs, GA

Spring 2005

Adjunct Instructor, English and Communications Departments

Milligan College                     Milligan College, TN


Adjunct Instructor, Humanities Department


Teaching and Research Interests

Rhetoric and Composition, English Renaissance Literature, Medieval English Literature, Philosophy and Literature, Theology and Literature, Biblical Studies, Theology


Composition Culture

As director of Emmanuel College’s Composition Culture program, I directed the school’s SACS QEP from 2009-2012, securing approval for the program without further monitoring upon first submission and passing SACS’s five-year review process.  As the program continues, I train new faculty at Emmanuel College in the principles and practices of Writing in the Disciplines and provide workshop sessions exploring broader educational-philosophy questions.



“Satan’s Unclear Origin.” In Critical Insights: Rebellion.  Amenia, NY: Grey House Publishing, 2017.

“The Body of Sextus in Shakespeare’s The Rape of Lucrece.” Co-Authored with Fran Teague.  In Critical Insights: Feminism.  Amenia, NY: Grey House Publishing, 2017.

“Does Forgiveness Just Happen?: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Lewis’ ‘Last Step.’” In Science Fiction and The Abolition of Man.  Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 2016.

“The Genealogy of the Stoop Kid.”  In The Wire in the College Classroom: Pedagogical Approaches in the Humanities.  Jefferson, NC: McFarland Books.  2015.

Ethical Succession: Theological Movement in English Renaissance Literature.  Lambert Academic Publishing, 2013.

Review of Good News for Anxious Christians: 10 Practical Things You Don’t Have to Do by Phillip Cary.  Imaginatio et Ratio: A Journal of Theology and the Arts 1.1 (2012).

“Dante and Desire, or What an Evangelical Youth Group Kid Stands to Learn from a Walk through Purgatory.”  Essay in Faith in Writing: Essays in Honor of Jack Knowles.  Xlibris Corporation, 2012.

Theological Dramatics: Two Christological Case Studies.  Lambert Academic Publishing, 2011.

Suspicion and Sisterhood.”  Essay in Out of the Ooze: Love Letters to the Church.  Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress, 2007.

Courses Taught

Composition and Rhetoric

EN 101I Intensive Freshman Composition I

Emmanuel College, Fall 2018

EN 101H Honors Freshman Composition I

Emmanuel College, Fall 2010-2016

EN 101 Freshman Composition I

Emmanuel College, Fall 2009 and 2015

EN 102H Honors Freshman Composition II

Emmanuel College, Spring 2011-2017

EN 102 Freshman Composition II

Emmanuel College, Fall 2015 and 2017; Spring 2010, 2013-18

EN 370 Advanced Composition

Emmanuel College, Spring 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018

ENGL 1101 Introduction to Composition, Special Topics: The Enlightenment

UGA, Spring 2009

ENGL 1101 Introduction to Composition, Special Topics: Plato and Boethius

UGA, Fall 2006-08

ENGL 1102 Introduction to Composition, Special Topics: Hebrew Bible and/as Literature

UGA, Spring 2006-08

ENGL 1101 Introduction to Composition

UGA, Fall 2003 and 2005

CM 130 Oral Communication

Emmanuel College Associate’s Degree Program, Spring 2005

CM 130 Oral Communication

Emmanuel College, Spring 2005

ENGL 1102 Introduction to Composition

UGA, Spring 2004

HUMN 101-102 Introduction to Humanities, Writing Component

Milligan College, 2000-01


EN 205 Introduction to Literature, Ancient and Medieval

Emmanuel College, Fall 2014-17, Winter 2016, Summer 2018

EN 206 Introduction to Literature, Renaissance and Enlightenment

Emmanuel College, Spring 2018

EN 210 Literary Publication Workshop

Emmanuel College, Fall 2012-Fall 2018

EN 403 European Literature

Emmanuel College, Fall 2014 and 2016

OE 352 Old English Poetry and Scholarship (taught in the original)

Emmanuel College, Spring 2014 and 2016

OE 351 Old English Prose and Verse (taught in the original)

Emmanuel College, Fall 2013, 2015, and 2017

EN 448 Western Authors II (European literature since 1600)

Emmanuel College, Fall 2011 and 2013

EN 447 Western Authors I (European literature from Ancient Athens to the Renaissance)

Emmanuel College, Spring 2011 and 2013, Summer 2013 (online)

EN 200 Introduction to Literature

Emmanuel College, Fall 2010

ENGL 2310 English Literature to 1700

University of Georgia, Spring 2009

EN 345 American Literature I

Emmanuel College Associate’s Degree Program, Spring 2005


OE 251 Old English Grammar

Emmanuel College, Spring 2013, 2015, and 2017

Theology, Philosophy, and Interdisciplinary

VI 110 Virtuosi I

Emmanuel College, Fall 2018

HS 400 Honors Professions, Vocations, Missions (Capstone theology seminar)

Emmanuel College, Fall 2013-18

SS 400 Professions, Vocations, Missions (Capstone theology seminar)

Emmanuel College, Spring 2010-2018, Summer 2017-18 (online), Winter 2017 (online)

PH 200 Introduction to Philosophy

Emmanuel College, Summer 2014-16, Winter 2016-17

HU 230 Religion and Philosophy

Emmanuel College, Summer 2013, 2016-18 (online)


Conference Presentations and Workshops

“The Questions We Carry.”  Workshop led at Theology Beer Camp, Asheville, NC, 2018.

“Literary Interpretation as Discipleship.”  Paper presented at Culture, Criticism, and the Christian Mind Conference, Sioux Center, IA, 2017.

“Confession and Obfuscation: Just War Teaching in Shakespeare’s Henry V.”  Paper presented at Southeastern Renaissance Conference, Columbia, SC, 2017.

“Process Theology and Public Bible Reading.”  Interview with John Cobb at Theology Beer Camp, Redondo Beach, CA, 2017.

“’Where Do I Sign?’: Seymour’s Missing Aria and its Marlovian Echoes in Little Shop of Horrors.”  Paper presented at SAMLA Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2011.

“The Dangerous Digital Lives of Post-Evangelicals.”  Paper presented at Evangelicalism: Then and Now Conference, Toccoa, GA, 2009.

“Of Devils and Mirrors: Michael Radford’s Merchant of Venice.”  Paper presented at Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2006.

“Ezekiel’s Temple Visions as Survival Literature.”  Paper presented at American Comparative Literature Association National Conference, San Diego, CA, 2003.

Academic Service

Faculty Senate Secretary, Emmanuel College, 2016-19

Coordinator, Faculty Reading Group, Emmanuel College, 2016-present

Co-Chair, Honors Committee, Emmanuel College, 2016-Present (Committee Member 2013-14, 2015-Present)

SACS Subcommittee for QEP, Emmanuel College, 2013-2015

Faculty Sponsor, Emmanuel College Christian Humanists, 2013-Present

Paper Presentation Judge, Emmanuel Research and Capstone Symposium, 2015-2016

Composition Culture Director, Emmanuel College, 2009-Present

Faculty Senate, Emmanuel College, 2011-2014

QEP Director (Composition Culture), Emmanuel College, 2009-2012


Online Intellectual Projects

Since 2009 I have served as webmaster, writer, and podcast host for the Christian Humanist, an online project bringing high-level Christian-intellectual conversation to the listening and reading public free of charge.  Our listener base is small (roughly 3000) but dedicated, and our offerings include the following podcasts and blog:

  • Before They Were Live, 2017-present (A theological look at the feature-length animated films of Disney Studios)
  • The City of Man Podcast, 2016-present (Politics and faith)
  • The Pietist Schoolman Podcast, 2015-2017 (Faith and academics)
  • The Sectarian Review, 2015-present (Cultural criticism and Christian confession)
  • Book of Nature, 2014-present (Science, Mathematics, and Faith podcast)
  • Christian Humanist Profiles, 2013-present (Interview program)
  • Christian Feminist Podcast, 2013-present (Gender, Culture and Faith podcast)
  • (Blog and podcast clearinghouse), 2010-present
  • The Christian Humanist Podcast, 2009-present (Humanities and Faith podcast)

I serve as one of the hosts of The Christian Humanist Podcast and Christian Humanist Profiles, and I have done guest spots on a number of the other shows on our network and off, including The Partially Examined Life (a philosophy podcast) and Homebrewed Christianity (the Internet’s most-downloaded theology podcast).  I also maintain the website and distribute episode files to subscribers for the other shows within the project.


Church and Community Service

Elder, Pulpit Service and Sunday School substitute, Bogart Christian Church, 2015-present

Coach and Assistant Coach, Statham Little League Baseball, 2014-2017

Preacher, Webmaster, Deacon, Adult Sunday School Teacher, Teen Bible Study Teacher, Athens Christian Church, October 2007-2015

Educational Minister and Interim Choir Director, Bogart Christian Church, January-August 2007

Deacon, Adult Sunday School Teacher, Pulpit Service, Adult Bible Study Teacher, Bogart Christian Church, 2003-07

Adult Sunday School Teacher, Galilee Christian Church, Jefferson, GA, 2002-03

Assistant Preacher, West Main Street Christian Church, Johnson City, TN, 2000-02

Teen Sunday School Teacher, Pulpit Service, Youth Group Sponsor, West Main Street Christian Church, 1995-2002



Awards and Honors

Lee H. and Lucille Firebaugh Memorial Faculty Award, Emmanuel College, 2012

University of Georgia English Department Outstanding TA Award, 2009

Member, Theta Phi Theological Studies Honor Society, 2002-present

American Bible Society Academics and Ministry Award, 2001

Research Assistantship, Emmanuel School of Religion, 2000-02

English Department Award, Milligan College, 1999

Humanities Department Award, Milligan College, 1997



Old English, Koine Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Latin, Modern Spanish