Other Sunday School Endeavors

Other Sunday School Endeavors

Other Sunday School Endeavors

Observation, Law, Theory

In January 2021 I taught a brief series on scientific terms and concepts and how they interact with Christian faith.

Angels: Their Places in Biblical Worlds

In December 2020, as Jeff Satterfield took a sabbatical from teaching Sunday School, Gilmour taught a brief, 3-part series on angels and the different roles they play in different Biblical narratives, along with the ways that Christian and Christian-inflected traditions after the New Testament have run with those narratives and teachings.

Where We Come From

This four-part series was a discussion of the historical forces that surround and set the agenda for the Stone-Campbell movement in four rough periods: the early American republic, the rise of the German-style university in America, the schisms within the movement, and the post-denominational present.  If I do this sort of series again, I might arrange it the same, but I’ll be sure to teach it during the school year so that I can put some more library time into it.

History of the Bible and Bible Translation

I didn’t teach these lessons consecutively or even to the same group, but they seem to belong    together.

In 2020, during the CoViD-19 pandemic, I taught a five-part series on the canonization process in particular, and here are those lessons, which I called “Family Stories.”

The History of Christmas

In the four weeks before we left to visit family for Christmas 2008, the Theos Seekers class (never mind the bad declension) at Athens Christian Church asked me to teach a series on the history of Christmas. I’m not fully accustomed to doing historical lessons in Sunday school, but the topic seemed fun enough, so here are those handouts.


In a Sunday school series leading up to Christmas 2007, by request of the class, I taught a series on the history and development of angel-language in biblical and Christian traditions. On December 23, while I was in Indiana, Jan Westfall finished the series with a lesson on the Annunciation narratives and their angels.

Handouts from Sunday School

Links to Texts about Angels

Links to Movies about Angels and Angel-Like Critters